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10 Lady of the Most Influential Americans

10 Lady of the Most Influential Americans
The figure of the mother country rather than just standing behind the shadow of her husband. They also have a golden opportunity for a wider role. Not surprisingly, they also have the power to influence public policy and the public itself.

The role of a mother country also not be underestimated in the development of a nation. In superpowers like the United States, the role of a mother country could even carve its own historical record. At least there are 10 mother country that plays a role in the history of Uncle Sam's country president, according to White House records.

1. Abigail Adams
Wife of the 2nd U.S. President John Adams (1797-1801) This is the capital of the United States the most aggressive of all time. Abigail plays a role in the struggle for equality of public education for women and the emancipation of African-American slaves. Abigail wrote a note to her husband about the details of life during the American Revolution, as well as providing advice on government and politics.

2. Dolley Madison
Wife of President James Madison (1809-1817) has a strong social influence during her husband's political career. Both while in the cabinet of President Thomas Jefferson as secretary of state or when they become president. Madison became the mother country (first lady) is not an official during the presidency of President Thomas Jefferson because Jefferson was a widower.
Madison was known to be skilled in planning lavish ceremony at the White House. When her husband became president, Madison was forced to flee from the White House because the British army invaded during the war of 1812. Madison and the slaves gathered valuables such as silver and the famous portrait of George Washington by Gilbert Stuart, as well as major historical documents, such as the original draft of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

3. Edith Wilson
The wife of President Woodrow Wilson (1913 - 1921) is known as a very strong woman to "run the government." Wilson is the mother of the first country to take responsibility when her husband suffered a stroke which made him paralyzed and unable to participate in normal duties as president. Therefore, Wilson became official who routinely perform tasks of government, and sort out important issues of a less urgent need to attract the attention of her husband. Wilson did not make major decisions or starting the program, but an unwavering attention to her husband is that not everyone can do, especially on the tasks of the presidency.

4. Eleanor Roosevelt
Wife of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt / FDR (1933 - 1945) This is the mother country full of inspiration and success to help her husband's political career. Throughout her husband's career Elanor involved in women's divisions at the State Democratic Committee and dedicated much of his time to political advocacy and the needs of her husband. He was a faithful guard FDR, stricken with polio at the 1921 and should be in a wheelchair.

Eleanor was not afraid to talk to give speeches, hold press conferences, radio broadcasts, and, especially, wrote "My Day", his opinion column that flowed at a daily newspaper syndication (daily syndicated newspaper). This is the sincerity and sincere consideration for all people and making it one of the most beloved first lady and the most socially conscious.

5. Jacqueline Kennedy
Mother country is known as a cultural icon and inspirational woman. Wife of President John F Kennedy (1961-1963) is indeed a first lady since her husband was killed by a moment tragic. But Jacqueline gives the impression of the past two years. Besides known for her beauty also known as an intelligent woman and has a high taste, especially in fashion. He contributed greatly to the preservation and art history. After the assassination of her husband Jacqueline showed great courage and strength in the midst of grief over losing her husband and president of the nation.

6. Betty Ford
The wife of President Gerald Ford (1974 - 1977) was a bright lady who publicly active in politics. In fact, he is said to have a strong effect on culture and politics that is greater than her husband. When Ford became president and vice president, following the resignation of President Nixon, Betty was active in social policy and raise awareness about a number of issues too often ignored. He brought national attention to a number of real life issues that occur throughout the world, such as breast cancer.
He also speaks loudly voicing the war against alcohol, which then led to the creation of the Betty Ford Center, a rehabilitation center for alcohol in California. Betty is not afraid to express his views to the public, although sometimes controversial topics raised. As the issue of feminism, equal pay, abortion, and support to Amaedemen Equality (Equal Rights Amendment).

7. Rosalynn Carter
He is a major contributor in the political career of Jimmy Carter became the 39th president (1977-1981). During the first lady Rosalynn manage routine tasks, special projects of her husband, attending cabinet meetings, and personal envoy president for Latin American countries. Rosalynn has a strong interest in performing arts and is one of the wife of a president who invites artists of international classics and traditional American artists to the White House. Rosalynn also a strong advocate for mental health research and has served Chairman of the Honorary President of the Commission on Mental Health in the period 1977-1978.

8. Nancy Reagan
Nancy Reagan also known as the woman who supports her husband's career of President Ronald Reagan (1981-1989). During the first lady, Nancy was involved in a number of programs, including drug prevention and awareness campaign, "Just Say No" and in the Foster Grandparent program is the subject of his book, To Love A Child. Nancy is often compared to Jacqueline Kennedy for her glamorous and make contributions to the White House to renovate a number of sections. Nancy is admired for protecting and caring for her husband, especially after he survived the assassination attempt.

9. Hillary Clinton
There is no denying that Hillary Clinton has a big role for her husband's career. Not only in support of Bill Clinton became president, but also when Clinton was governor of Arkansas. Hillary gives a lot of attention to public services and government policy. He took a large role in the National Health Reform Task Force, where he supports the expansion of health insurance coverage, immunization of children and spread awareness about health issues nationally.

The foreign minister's cabinet of President Barack Obama is when it becomes the first lady also shared her experiences in a weekly newspaper column called "Talking It Over", then wrote a bestselling book that details the interactions and observations of women, children and families who she met when he became mother country.

Clinton is sometimes criticized for his involvement is very open, but he also found many supporters of his commitment to helping women and children around the world. Hillary is a former first lady who ran and was elected as a senator, and running for president.

10. Laura Bush
Laura Bush is helping change the face of education in the U.S. for the mother country. As a former teacher and librarian, wife of the 43rd U.S. president George W Bush is a great deal of attention to political efforts to improve the education system. He is also promoting global literacy and help women and families worldwide. Laura was a supporter of education reform.

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