Thursday, June 2, 2011

The cost of child clothing hollywood artist. extraordinary

The cost of child clothing hollywood artist. extraordinary
This is it, son of Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes msh 3 years old. tp yg fantastic already  cost. read only hehehe just wanted to share aja.

Suri Trendy Wear High Heels

It seems, "Practice Makes Perfect" became the mantra Katie Holmes for her children. No wonder, he always let Suri Cruise's child wear shoes with high heels as they were walking together.

"Put on a fabulous dress Suri has become a hobby Katie. He will explore the internet and shops in Beverly Hills to find items and get inspiration for Suri to be different," said a source quoted by the Daily Mail on Wednesday (25/11/2009 .)

Although Suri almost fell while walking with high heels on last week, but did not dampen the determination to make her daughter Katie ready berlengak-sway on the red carpet.

With expertise actress dressed 27-year-Suri, it seems this little toddler feel comfortable wearing high heels.

Shoes this model does make legs look slimmer and level. It's just that while wearing high heels, a person can suffer, can even have an accident because of it.

In order to still look trendy while wearing high heels, as a child, Suri managed to do the trick perfectly. When walking on the sidewalk, he managed to maneuver by holding tightly to her mother's hand.

Suri is wearing a dress covered with ruby ​​red coat, green bags, and gold high heels photographers caught walking out from the crowd in New York, Monday (23/11) last. Berbusananya style, the girl three years, managed to create envy every fashionista.

Along with Katie, Suri, was shopping at Steve Alan famous designer shops. While previously, Baby Suri shopping in Soho, where he bought some rain boots and backpack butterfly.

To add a collection of clothes in her closet, Suri always happy to buy new clothes. In fact, as reported earlier, Suri's wardrobe is worth 2 million pounds.

According to reports, Katie spent 25 thousand pounds per month to ensure her beloved child always shine with the latest trends, including custom-made items from world-class designers.

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