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Giant planes Made In 1900s

Giant planes Made In 1900sThe designers and builders of giant planes below would have been very obsessed with size. Some of them are truly magnificent and beautiful, but that looks ridiculous and there are some that eventually become uneconomical or never built at all.
Dornier Do X, which may Flying Ship

History of flight records of artificial Lufthansa Dornier Do X, a flying super-boats that depart from the pulp-fiction idea of ​​ships that can fly. 'Ship' is really flying was made in Germany in 1929 and dubbed Flugschiff. With 14 crew members and a capacity of more than 100 passengers made the 'ship' is the most powerful and large in the world at that time.

a German engineer was operating the machine twelve Flugschiff
* Tarrant Tabor: Super Strange Design of a Disaster
He was dubbed the 'Flying Furniture'. With the wing design and is less prevalent, these planes can not even survive the first attempt to fly. Its size is large, but the real issue is the placement of the machine: too high above the wing, so the nose of the aircraft could not look up.

Tarrant Tabor, looks like a game designer. Giant "flying wing" and "machine in the wings", the concepts of the early 1940s.
* Giant Transport Project of the 1950s
Saunders-Roe were building large flying boats after the war. But the project named as "Queen Of Saro" is really unusual in his day. Giant flying boat which is scheduled for a distance of London-Sydney has FIVE decks, enough to carry a thousand passengers in comfort, including a bar, dining room and lounge elite!

The aircraft giant is to be supported by 24 engines in the wings. The wing is enough for the engineers to be able to carry out maintenance of standing up while the plane was flying.

* Brabazon! Greater than 747
Bristol Type 167 Brabazon is a full-size flying machine ever remember. But the plane with the same size as the Boeing 747, only built to carry about 100 passengers and was deemed economically unfeasible.

* Piston Engine Aircraft with the largest ever built
Convair XC-99 is basically a military transport, but the passenger version was also made. (Convair Model 37, to 204 passengers):

With two decks and an elevator to load and move cargo between decks. With weights exceeding the weight that has been restricted at the time, these aircraft can destroy the runway during landing. XC-99 was developed from the B-36 bomber.The plane is big and strong, comparable to the Bristol Brabazon, have a fairly successful flight. But the U.S. Air Force decided that it is not necessary for it to measure long-distance transport of its time.

* Amazing Supersonic Flight
Why amazing? Well, for one thing, would be a bit surprised if you do not see any non-military supersonic aircraft flying over the United States - just because they are forbidden to do so, for fear of destroying the sonic boom peaceful suburbs. any supersonic aircraft is quite beautiful to behold. Here is a comparison table size supersonic aircraft from Russia, Britain and the United States. 
see the contents of the cockpit of Concorde: intense enough, right?

Talking about other military supersonic aircraft, it was hard not to include SR-71 Blackbird, one of the Decepticons oldest at 10% faster than a bullet .... Still the fastest aircraft ever with speeds of Mach 3.5.

See the double cockpit. This plane really has a great presence ... in 1960, Lockheed began developing an aircraft that would fly three miles higher and five times faster than the spy plane - and is still capable of photographing your license plate.

SR-71 also holds the record for sustained flight of human-powered aircraft (25 929 m), and still holds the speed record since 1976!. The aircraft was retired twice because of high operating costs, and a letter written to the U.S. Senate, signed by astronaut John Glenn: "Mr. President, stop the SR-71 is a huge mistake and can put our nation on a serious and costly in terms of crisis future. "
Here's some interesting aircraft concept, associated with the development of unique Blackbird engine. Convair NX-2, for example - at one time even scheduled to be the first in America as an Atom-powered aircraft.

Check the engine of the atoms on the left:

Russia also came with some supersonic radical concept - this is the RGD-DA project, or the Sukhoi T-4ms, strategic heavy bomber of 1960.

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