Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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In Suzhou there are lots of pretty girls too, and Suzhou has a history of attacting beautiful Chinese women because some of the ancient Emperor's family lived there and it became a center of attraction for young Chinese women to come to for a chance to become part of the royal familes. But, if you go to Xingjiang Province you'll be amazed that many of the girls do belly dance at the local restaurants and entertainment places. Many are mixed with european so they have a very different look than the 100% Han Chinese. You got to see them, really beautiful. Even very few have blue eyes. The culture is so different there. Definitely a place to visit and see beautiful girls.
If you want to meet girls in China, there are two ways that can get results:

sexy girl asian girl
1) start looking at websites and penpal services, and then start writing to the Chinese girls that seem interesting to you. Get their personal email addresses and phone number. Get into some personal matters such as has she been married, does she have any children now, does she have a boyfriend, does she want a Green Card. Some Chinese girls want a Green Card to the US. That's only natural, but you have to be careful about how strong they are in this desire. You want to find someone that likes you first, and the Green Card second, or hopefully they don't really care about a green card. Many men have found good women in China by using internet chat rooms and email, but it is a little risky until you get to meet them personally and see what they're really like.
girl bikiniChinese girls swimsuits
Chinese girls in bikinis on the beach. Beautiful!

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