Thursday, June 2, 2011

Habits - Habits Destroyer Hair

Habits - Habits Destroyer Hair

I hope that reading this can change his habits j yes for our hair. This time I want to discuss about the hair. You know her hair is our crown?

No we know, there are many daily habits that have adverse effect on hair health. In order for hair damage is not getting worse, try avoiding the following practices:

1. Combing wet hair

As reported from, hair wet strength to be reduced. Combing hair with a comb brush after shampooing will actually make or break your hair loss. We recommend using a finger comb to straighten your hair wet. When dry, trim with a new bristle brushes.

2. Towel dry your hair with too tight

When drying my hair with a towel, do not scrub too hard. The reason is similar to the combing wet hair at the time: brushing your hair too tight will only make the break and easy branching.

3. Tying hair too tightly

The hair is tied too tight will become brittle. Hair Nutrition will not spread to perfection if always tied too tight. Tie your hair gently and tighten the ties sufficiently. It also can prevent hair from hair loss - due to be interested during the binding process.

4. Sleeping with the hair tied

The cells of the hair growth is more active when we sleep. Therefore, asleep in a state bonded hair makes the hair cells can not be active, and thus the beauty of hair is reduced. Sleeping with the hair tied can also make hair tangled in while awake. As a result, the hair will be less manageable.

5. Hair Dryer temperature too high

Dry your hair with too high a temperature will make it dry and brittle. Occasionally, dry your hair for the sake of arranging it does not matter. But you should not be done every day. Better wind-wind to dry hair. Some products also provide features hair dryer that lets you adjust the temperature as desired. Put on the lowest temperature to maintain healthy hair.

Meanwhile, whatever your hair style, long or short, with proper treatment, permanent hair lovely. A lot, really, hair care habits at home that was practical and simple. It's like a professional hair stylist explained Alfons, some time ago:

Do not half-hearted treat hair
If you only feel satisfied with her hair blow, do it wholeheartedly. Practise correct technique blow and never carelessly. If not sure I could blow it right, should not have to blow your hair. The same rules also apply to other hair treatments, like a vise.

Let your hair dry naturally long
After washing hair, especially for long wavy hair, you should let your hair dry naturally, although you must wait for an hour.

"For wavy hair, after washing hair, hair twist slowly in both the right and left (hair divided into two parts), then squeeze the hair with kitchen paper. Let your hair dry naturally for one hour. The result will be better," said Alfons .

As for short hair, if you want to dry it with hair dryer, Alfons suggest, do the drying in all directions.

Do not tie your hair while sleeping?
As explained previously, using a hair tie, hair clips, or bandannas will make your hair too often easily damaged. Including during sleep, should digerai hair only. If want to tie up her hair, split your hair, then tied at the lower end.

"It's better explained in the direction of hair on the pillow. So, back of neck position directly attached to the pillow and loose hair on the pillow," said Alfons.

Especially for long hair, comb your hair before bed instead recommended. The goal for equitable distribution of oil and oil down to the tip of the hair. Also not easily tangled hair when combed before sleep

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