Thursday, June 16, 2011

HHOOTT) 6 properties characteristic of women who need to be avoided in a menage (HOT)

(HHOOTT) 6 properties characteristic of women who need to be avoided in a menage (HOT)
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Below are properties characteristic of women who need to avoid, when it berkeluarga.cekidot
1. Al-Anaanah: many complaints. Who always felt not enough, what were all not enough. are not enough homes, given the motor is not enough, given the car was not enough, etc.. No Redha dg defense and rules that were given husband. Fun to fulfill the will of her lust alone, regardless of the feelings of a husband, not respectful to their husbands especially grateful to my husband. Instead of going to help her husband, a husband to give what was never satisfied. There is a never-enough alone.
2. Al-Manaanah: like to leverage. If the husband do the thing he was not pleased then diungkitlah everything about her husband's. very excited about talking about her husband: do not remember mind, irresponsible, not love and all sorts. Though her husband had given her macam2 protection.
3. Al-Hunaanah: want the other spouse or the other man who is pleased kpd. really like to compare her husband dg / another man. No Redha dg husband imaginable.
4. Al-Hudaaqah: pushy. If you want something then forced her husband to do. Morning, afternoon and evening fun pressing force husband. Sometimes dg various threat: want to run, want to kill myself, want to embarrass her husband, etc.. Husband made like his slave, not as a leader. Who overlooked is the will and interests him only.
5. Al-Hulaaqah: busy preen or sleep or negligent handling santai2 etc. to worship principles, such as prayer congregation, wird remembrance, take care of the household, filial dg anak2, etc..
6. As-Salaaqah: a lot of talking, gossiping. Day and night, morning, evening cool gossip continues. What are the husbands who do not always correct in his eye. Ni gossip today is not just speaking in front of her husband, but dg telephone, SMS, internet, fuel and other macam2 way. Illuminating fun troublesome husband and wife tu yg dg kata2nya painful.

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