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Genre: J-Pop Rock SCANDAL

Genre: J-Pop Rock
═ ═ ═ ¤ ¤ ۩ ۞ ۩ ஜஜ ۩ ۞ ۩ ¤ ¤ ═ ═ ═
|] ▓ ▓ ║ __S C A N D A L__ ║ ▓ ▓ [|
═ ═ ═ ¤ ¤ ۩ ۞ ۩ ஜஜ ۩ ۞ ۩ ¤ ¤ ═ ═ ═

Haruna Ono
> Vocalist, Guitar
Tomomi Ogawa
> Bassist, Vox
Mami Sasazaki
> Guitar, Vox
Suzuki Rina
> Drummer, Vox

Hometown: Osaka Japan

Record Label: Kitty Records, Epic Records

Scandal (SCANDAL style) is a Japanese pop and rock groups. Declare themselves as "The Most Powerful Girlie Pop Rock Japan", they consist of four high school girls from Osaka, Japan: Haruna Ono, Tomomi Ogawa, Mami Sasazaki, and Rina Suzuki. The scandal is very energetic, especially due to the fact that Ono, the oldest and band leader, shares vocals with three other members, so as not to have to focus on one particular girl and to allow time for each center of attention.

An interesting note about the group is the unique way in which they choose to promote themselves. Because they are fans of Japanese animation and manga, they want to be represented in the form of animation, transform every member into animated characters. Scandal animation was featured on a series of promotional videos on the band's website

MEMBER PROFILE ========== ==========
Spoiler for Vocal:
Haruna ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Japanese Name: 小野 春 菜, ハルナオノ, はる な おの
AKA: Haru
Instruments: Vocals, Guitar
Born: August 10, 1988 (age 22)
Years Active: 2006 - Present
Members: Scandal
Birthplace: Aichi Prefecture
Blood type: A
Height: 153 cm

Haruna, the oldest of the group and also serves as a leader. A girl who has a passion for dance and dreamed of becoming a dancer, but things changed when he met fellow-members and finally take the road of rock n roll '. But the effects of live dance, the reason why some of their PV, choreography can be seen. Haruna has a voice the most powerful and profound that usually leads in their songs combined with the voices of three other members.

RINA ☆ ☆ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MEMBER PROFILE ========== ==========
Spoiler for Vocal:
Haruna ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Japanese Name: 铃木 理 菜AKA: RinaInstruments: Vocals, Piano / Keyboard, DrumsBorn: August 21, 1991 (age 19)Years Active: 2006 - PresentMembers: Scandal
Rina, the youngest of the group and serves as a drummer. A girl who always has a smile on his face was painted when doing - showing that the conduct and the music is nothing but love. He is also a cheerful and bubbly as seen in a live interview with the reaction he showed. Also among the four of them, he is the most active in their blogs, making sure that the fan is always updated to himself and his group. • Can also play the piano. Has been playing since he was 3 years. • Know how to cook. • the last member to join the group. • Said once in an interview that he did not know any numbers that boy. • Want RINAX called. • What is like working at McDonald's, a bar, or the Maid Cafe because she wanted to try to serve people in the restaurant.Spoiler for Rina:
Spoiler for Guitarist:MAMI ★ ★ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Japanese Name: 笹崎 まみAKA: Mamitasu, Mamilious, Mami, Tasupo, Sassa.Instruments: Vocals, GuitarBorn: May 21, 1990 (age 20)Years Active: 2006 - PresentMembers: Scandal
Sasazaki Mami has the best guitar skills among girls, and serves as the Lead Guitarist in the scandal. He often amazed fans who came to see them live with dexterity and skill with an electric guitar. He also appeared serious and kind of dark on the stage as the long bangs and a serious expression, but offstage, he became a direct opponent, showing a personality that is very cheerful and optimistic. Also among the group, he's also the biggest fans of Japanese anime. In the vocal department, she has a very soft voice-punkish, and consequently whenever he has a solo section, you'll know it was him.Spoiler for Mami:
Spoiler for Bass:Tomomi ☆ ☆ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Japanese Name: 小川 ともみAKA: TomoInstruments: Vocals, Bass, bass and vocalsBorn: May 31, 1990 (age 20)Years Active: 2006 - PresentMembers: ScandalBirthplace: Hyogo Prefecture Blood type: A Height: 157 cm
Tomomi, bass and lead author of the majority of their songs. As Haruna, he also dreamed of being a dancer, but rock n 'roll to open a new path. Dancing skills can be observed while performing with an amazing and graceful movement despite the fact that he carried a big bass. Tomomi has a very sweet and somewhat "chipmunky" sounds like an easy, along with Haruna, their voices into perfect combo. He is also the one that usually causes the solo of their songs.Spoiler for Tomomi:

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