Friday, August 5, 2011

Back on top...

No, not in the bedroom! Who knows when, or even if that will ever happen again (just ask our dear friend 'k'!) ... no, this is much more important.
Last night Mistress R and I had a nice night out at a local pub, just the two of us, it seems like weeks since we did that. Anyway, the important thing was that during the course of the evening I reassured Mistress R that I still wanted her to have control and whatever she wanted was fine by me, even if that meant that I would have to get used to only being inside her occasionally, when SHE decides that she wants it.
She asked me several times if I was sure about what I was saying, and that she still wanted me to be able to tell her if I wasn't happy. I agreed that I would if it was necessary, but most of all I just wanted things back how they should be, with her having the freedom to choose whatever she wanted to do and to grow at her own pace. I must admit, she looked really happy when I told her this, and that made me feel really happy too.
When we got home Mistress decided to tease me by sucking and stroking my cock wonderfully, she also gently pulled on my balls and gave my cock some really lovely slaps too (unbelievably hot!) while telling me that was just the start of my punishment for touching my cock without permission... I was very hard, and I loved every second of it. I was also briefly allowed to worship Mistress R's feet later, which I absolutely loved doing.
I still massively regret what happened but at least we seem to have gotten over this hump, now I'm looking forward to giving Mistress some proper attention as soon as possible. I am so desperate to taste her and make her cum now... I want that more than anything.

Speaking of which, it seems I'm not the only one with an oral obsession, given that 82% of the first forty voters in my poll have chosen the 'Lick It' option over the 'Fuck It' option... I didn't really expect that, but I can certainly understand it!

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