Monday, August 8, 2011

A bit of housekeeping...

The lovely Miss Christina has just left this comment on one of my posts and I just wanted to respond to it a bit.

Miss Christina said...
I have certainly never meant to offend your Mistress with any of my comments. I love to interact and get to know people and tease, and if something I share someone finds to be a good idea then great. I also tend to want to show some support to submissive friends, because I do relate to what you are going through. I think in the beginning sharing everything might have been good because she saw what you were posting on the blog and what comments were taking place, and this way she knew she had nothing to worry about.

Firstly Miss Christina I love your comments and I value your interaction and contributions to my blog, I know Mistress R didn't mean that she didn't appreciate your comments, it was just all getting too much, because I was giving her so much information (sometimes conflicting) every day and she just get fed up with it. It seems my thoughts about leaving her alone to grow at her own pace was correct because last night's teasing was sensational!

I think it is sweet she asks about me and Sam. I am also glad that she hasn't felt threatened in any way by us talking. I just hope that my comments have not made her feel bad.

It really wasn't your comments as such, it was just feeling like she was getting beaten over the head with too much She said to me that she felt like whatever she did was never enough, that I want this and then I want this and then that... (as you can imagine that made me feel like SHIT!).

I do agree though that going forward as she is growing more and more, she probably could start to feel you are topping from the bottom in some of what you write, even if you don't mean it like that.

Absolutely. I think that was necessary in the beginning, because I think left to her own devices she would have struggled. You can't expect someone to know what you want without giving them the information. But it's come to the point where it's time to stop, or to at least scale it back a long way. She knows broadly what I crave now and I think she's going to really take control now. I showed her the post I wrote last night and she loved it so much that she actually kept it... She never made any comment on the part I wrote in there about hoping to one day be more of a 'slave' than I am now, but I hope it sinks in because I would love that so much, one day.

Your love for her is just beautiful. Clearly she loves you very much too. Aside from the appearances when you are thinner and in better shape she can tease you longer and
harder too.

Thank you Miss Christina, I am very much looking forward to being thinner, fitter and harder for longer for her pleasure.  

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