Sunday, August 21, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: The Hardness Factor by Dr Steven Lamm

Hands up all you guys who would like your cock to be a little bit harder, a little bit more dependable, a little bit more like you imagine it should be. Okay you can all put your hands down now...
I saw this book when I was looking around Eden Fantasys website the other month and so when I got my email from Kayla about my next item for review I picked this. Now to be 100% honest I haven't finished reading it yet, but I've read enough to realise that this guy knows what he's talking about and I will certainly be trying out some of the stuff in this book, particularly the exercises that are recommended for core stability and strength. 
The book promotes a six week programme for improving the quality of your erection and so I will revisit this in a month and a half and tell you what has occurred. In the meantime if you fancy it, this book looks like a good investment. Plus, and I've personally thought this for a long time, Dr Lamm's message seems to be, never mind warning people against the dangers of bad eating, smoking, drinking by telling them 'you'll have a heart attack when you're 50!', instead he prefers the much more alarming warning that your erection quality will suffer.
I think that wouldn't be a bad thing to teach in upper schools. Look after your body and you'll keep a good, hard cock! I probably wouldn't have been so fat in my late teens if they'd told me that. I've been fat and thin and fat again and I know my cock isn't as dependable or hard as it was, but I'm getting there, slowly...
Anyway, back to the book... Dr Lamm talks about all sorts of stuff throughout the book, such as the use of drugs like Viagra, and the possible final options for those who have let things get too bad. There's also advice on how to promote higher testosterone levels, to assist in in making your erection harder and also which supplements you might want to take to assist your body in putting the lead in your pencil.
As I said I haven't read the whole book, but I fully intend to and I will certainly be trying out the exercises, although I probably won't be trying out the suggested menus... my cock would have to be hopelessly soft for me to want to eat shellfish, yeuch!
So if you do have some concerns in this area (and let's be honest, an awful lot of us do at one time or another) then I reckon this is a good place to start addressing the problem. You can of course pick it up from Eden Fantasys website, which features a good range of erotic books and of course a huge range of sex toys.

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