Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Feeling cucky...

I've mentioned on here before about how conflicted I feel about the fact that I get turned on by cuckolding stories... I know this is not something I want to do (and I know I couldn't cope with it), and yet part of me feels drawn to this. It fucks my head up big-time. About a year ago I read a story in a magazine and it made me feel dizzy, but also appalled with myself that it turned me on so much. I read the story several times back then and today I picked up that same magazine and read it again. It scares the shit out of me how hard it made me reading this, I genuinely wanted nothing more than to jerk my cock until I exploded... thankfully I resisted, but once again it made me feel dizzy just reading this, especially the part with Mike and Linda in the car.
So anyway, it took a long time to type it out, but I really want to share this with you because I know some of you are going to REALLY get off on this post. Plus if I ever lose the magazine at least I'll have it on here...


I have always found the idea of being cuckolded (the shame and humiliation) wildly exciting. I'd confessed this to my wife, Marie, but though she found it funny and liked to tease me about it, sometimes she showed no signs of wanting to make it happen.

It wasn't through lack of opportunities. Marie, I should explain, is absolutely stunning. Like me she is 28 and she really does have it all going on - long, slim legs,a perfect little arse, narrow waist and nice big tits just begging to be played with. Honestly she could have any man she liked if she wasn't so shy and reserved, just as well, or I wouldn't have had a look in.

Things started to change about a year ago when Mariestarted a new job. This is where she met Linda - a tall, slim, attractive blonde, maybe 4 or 5 years older than her. They quickly became firm friends though I couldn't really understand why. Linda is almost the exact opposite of Marie - loud, bossy, a bit wild and although she is very classy-looking, really she is a tart, constantly cheating on her long suffering husband. I really didn't like her or the obvious influence she was having on Marie.

Honestly it was all 'Linda says this, or 'Linda does that'. I began to notice a change in my wife. Her dress sense got more daring - shorter skirts and tight tops and she started going out more and more without me. Linda, for her part, clearly disdained me as a boring wimp, believing her new best friend could do so much better for herself.

One night I came home from working late to find Marie and Linda knocking back glasses of wine. Marie was giggling as Linda was telling her about her latest young stud - his name was Luke. He was 22 and apparently the best, most dominant lover she'd ever had. I listened as she boasted about his magnificent body, not to mention his thick, long cock.

I must admit it turned me on a bit hearing how this sexy, older woman was getting royally fucked by a well-hung stud. Marie and I knew the guy she was talking about, we had met him and Linda out together a few weeks before and he had blatantly chatted up my pretty wife right in front of me. I was used to guys hitting on my wife, but something about his extreme self-confidence , powerful physique and and good looks really intimidated me. Then there was Marie's reactions. She told me later she thought he was too full of himself and arrogant, but I could tell he interested her. I must admit the thought of them together had me beating myself off more than a few times.

Linda was getting quite drunk and began to tell us just how under the thumb her husband is. Apparently he knew all about her many affairs and put up with them. Luke thought this was funny and decided he would make him really suffer by forcing him to watch his wife being fucked. Since then he and Linda had come up with different ways to humiliate him, such as dressing him in panties or making him lick clean Linda's pussy after Luke had come inside her.

'The poor guy does whatever he's told', she said. 'He loves it as well, just wanks his little dick silly'.

Linda tried to explain why she treated him so badly. 'He's a wimp and he needs to know his place. His job is to work hard to provide for me and leave the screwing to real men who know how to please a woman'. She said that if more men accepted this there would be fewer divorces and everyone would be happier. 'Don't you think so Mike?' she said, fixing me with a hard stare. 'If you couldn't satisfy Marie, wouldn't you want some stud to do it for you?.

I blushed and caught Marie's eye, noticing her amused smile. Linda noticed how uncomfortable I was and moved in for the kill. She told me that Luke had really fancied Marie when we met.

'Maybe she will be his next conquest. Would you like that Mike? Would you like your wife to fuck a real man for a change? Does your dick get hard thinking about it?'

The truth was that it did and my cock was tenting my trousers. Linda noticed and laughed hysterically, even Marie was giggling. There was something arousing about having two sexy women mocking me and laughing at me as my weakness was exposed.

Just to get rid of her, I offered to run Linda home, but she started on me again in the car. She told me again how much Luke fancied Marie and how he was determined to get into her pants. She also told me that he always gets any girl he fancies eventually. Apparently as well as Linda he was fucking at least two other married women, plus a girl due to get married the following month.

I said that Luke was a bastard for messing with other guy's wives. She just laughed and said, 'Yeah, he's a bastard, but he's a bastard that's going to be having your wife. If guys like you can't keep your women happy, it's your own fault. You don't deserve a girl as sexy as Marie, so step aside and let a real man have her.

She went on to describe how good a lover Luke is, how strong his body is and how his big dick stayed hard for hours, treating any girl lucky enough to have it inside them to powerfully intense orgasms, and lots of them.
'Do you think you can compete with that, Mike?' she asked. 'Marie is next in line and it is going to happen. Your best bet is to accept it.'

Linda told me to pull over and leaned in close to me. 'Go home and tell Marie that you know what's been going on. Tell her it's OK. Deep down you want it to happen anyway, don't you? You're a nice guy Mike, but lets face it, you're a wimp. You know you've never really satisfied her, so let her do this, she deserves it.'
It was all true and I sat slumped and defeated.

'Just think about it, Mike,' Linda breathed in my ear, 'Your sweet little wife is going to open her legs for my young stud. He'll have her so worked up she'll be begging him to fuck her. Then he'll bury his thick, hard cock deep inside her. She will love it. He'll make her feel things a wimp like you could only dream of. He'll love it too, knowing he's cuckolded another limp-dicked loser. As Marie comes again and again she'll tell him that she loves him, that she will do anything he wants her to.'

She felt my shamefully hard dick, squeezing along it's modest length.

'Does that excite you then?' she laughed. 'Oh what a pathetic little cock. Poor Marie, no wonder she's so frustrated.'

She took my hand and planted it on my crotch and I started to rub myself.

'Get used to that,' she said. 'You'll be doing a lot of wanking soon. Once Luke has Marie you won't get a look in.'

I couldn't stop myself. I can't explain it but something about Linda's taunting made me want her to totally humiliate me and I took my cock out to openly wank in front of her. She was clearly enjoying herself too.

'Luke just loves fucking other guy's wives,' she taunted. 'Especially weak wankers like you. He'll love doing it in front of you so you can see how much Marie enjoys it. And the funny thing is you'll want to see it. You'll beg him to make it happen. You'll get down on your knees and beg and I'll be there to see it. I just love seeing you guys totally humiliated.

It was too much and I shot my load all over the dashboard. Later that night I told Marie that if she ever did have an affair it wouldn't be a big deal for me. She didn't seem surprised. A couple of days later she was dressed to go out and I asked her if she was seeing him. She just gave me a tiny nod and a sad little smile. I felt physically sick watching her walk away from the house looking more beautiful than I could ever remember, but admit I spent the evening wanking and trying to imagine what was happening.

Over the next few weeks, Marie went out two or three times a week, returning home late. We didn't discuss it, but it was obvious where she was going. One night she got home when I was already in bed. She jumped in beside me and after a few minutes I realised she was fingering herself, no doubt reliving the night's events. Without a word I crawled between her legs and started to lap at her pussy. It was obvious she had been fucked recently and that I was licking up Luke's cum.

We both knew how pathetic I was being, but I didn't care, it was my way of showing that I had accepted my place, a clear signal of submission to him and her. Mare held me tightly in place, moaning softly. 'Eat it, eat it all up,' she repeated over and over until she came.

I knew that if I tried to stop Marie seeing her lover she might leave. By accepting it, I knew she wouldn't. She could have it all, love and security from me, deeply satisfying sex from him. It sounds strange, but I felt a kind of relief. In my heart of hearts I knew I wasn't much of a lover and that there was often a tension between us. That was gone and I had to admit Marie was happier and more content than I'd ever seen her. She was nicer to me, though, as Linda had predicted, there was no sex for me. Instead I was wanking round the clock.

Things would have been fine if it wasn't for that bitch Linda. Hell bent on winding me up, she would phone me up regularly to tell me all the dirty things Marie and Luke were getting up to, things I had never done with her. I always tended to treat her like a Princess, Luke, by contrast treated her like a slut to do with as he pleased. It seemed she rather liked that.

It was through Linda that I learned that Luke had taken to shagging both of them together which made me more jealous than anything. What an ego boost to have two beautiful, older, married women to do whatever he liked with. I was told how they would fall to their knees either side of him and lick, kiss and suck his cock and balls in worship. When one was getting fucked the other one might suck his heavy ballsack or lick his asshole. Sometimes one might lick the spunk from the other one's pussy or tits.

Linda thought it would be fun to record some of their exploits on her mobile phone then send me the results. So it was I got my first look at my wife's infidelity. It was a short clip of Marie on her knees sucking Luke's impressive cock.

The second showed her down on all fours being taken from behind. It started with a close-up of her wet pussy being pounded, then moved under to show her big tits swinging back and forth. It finished with a close-up of her sweet face just as a huge orgasm engulfed her.

The final one had Luke fucking then coming all over her tits. When he was done she leant down to suck his cock clean, her big blue eyes gazing upwards to his handsome face as he gently stroked her long black hair. I wanked myself silly that night, watching those clips over and over again.

Linda phoned me the next day to ask if I had enjoyed the clips. Had I tossed off over them? I admitted I had. Did I now want to watch for real? Again, I said yes. She told me that I would have to ask Luke in person.

Marie was away working for a few days so I steeled myself and went to see him the following night.
It was simply the most humiliating experience of my life and inevitably Linda was there to witness it. For starters, I had to endure the taunts of cocky, arrogant Luke. He asked me if I enjoyed wanking knowing he was enjoying my wife's tight body. He told me he knew he would be having Marie as soon as he met us, one look at me and he knew she wasn't being properly satisfied and would be his for the taking. It had taken longer than expected, but that was OK. It just made the moment sweeter when it finally came.

He thought she was a bit stuck up at first, but this would be good too. He had enjoyed 'fucking the snootiness out of her' and making her his 'obedient little slut'. To prove just how much she was in his control he told me how he recently 'loaned' her out to his nineteen year old brother and some of his mates. It made me sick to think of Marie being used as a sex toy by a bunch of horny teenagers, but what could I do? Anyway, she hadn't objected and the boys had loved having a 'big-titted married slut' to play with.

Then there was Linda, clearly intent on making this as difficult as possible. I hate her but have to admit she sure knows how to push my buttons to make me truly submissive. She got me down on my knees, took out her mobile, switched on the camera and had me 'confess'. Hanging my head I found myself telling it all: 'My name is Mike and I am a worthless wimp. My wife is having an affair with a much younger man which I must accept because I am not a real man and I cannot satisfy her. I have a very small dick and I cannot keep it up. This is why my wife is cheating on me. I like this very much. It excites me to know a real man is giving her what I can't. I am here to beg him to let me watch him fuck her'.

Then I did just that. With Luke., strong and powerful, standing over me, I stayed on my knees and begged. I told him that he was superior to me in every way and had every right to fuck my wife. To prove I 'knew my place' I got right down on the floor and licked his boots, then licked Linda's for good measure. All of this was captured on video.

If I'd been told a few months earlier that I'd be grovelling at the feet of my wife's lover, begging for the privilege of watching him fuck her, I'd have laughed. Not even in my wildest fantasies had I done this, yet here I was, doing just that, and I was really getting off on it. This became obvious when Linda and Luke made me strip and laughed hysterically at my stiff little dick.

Linda gave me a pair of panties to wear, then took out a a bright red marker pen. She wrote the word 'cuckold' across my chest, then under it 'loser'. Finally she added 'small dicked wimp' across my stomach. I posed for the camera some more before she turned it off. She told me that if I didn't do exactly as I was told or if I ever tried to stop Marie doing anything she wanted in the future, she would make sure that everyone I knew would see this footage.

Then Luke and Linda fucked right in front of me, giving me a taster of what was to come. I'm forced to admit that Luke was magnificent and it was fun watching Linda being dominated and given so many orgasms. I'd no choice but to wank myself off over and over as I watched in awe. When Luke was ready to come he slipped on a condom which he filled with his cum.

'Get this on film, Linda' he said, stanidng over me and forcing me to lick clean his cock. Then Linda emptied the contents of the condom into my mouth and made me swallow the lot.

I thought I was spent but as Linda pointed out as she made me watch back the video clips, I got another erection performing this final indignity.

As I write this, the day I watch my wife being fucked senseless is fast approaching and I'm shivering in anticipation at what will be done to me. Linda has warned me that Luke will humiliate me so badly that any last scrap of respect Marie has for me will be shattered. She told me what had happened to her own husband recently.

After watching him fuck his wife as usual, he was taken out to the back garden, ordered to strip, get on his knees and lick out his wife's well fucked cunt. When he was done, Luke pulled out his cock and proceeded to piss all over him. Then Linda squatted over him and gave him another golden shower. They left him there shivering and covered in piss while they went back inside and carried on fucking by the window, in full view of him.

Luke truly is a cruel, sadistic bastard and I'm sure he gets as much pleasure from humiliating and destroying the husband as he does from fucking the wife. I have no idea what he has in store for me but I do know that I will have no choice but to submit.

Mike S, Edinburgh

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