Thursday, August 11, 2011

Going back to my 'conflicted' post...

I'm somewhat troubled by this turn of events. This is the first time I've had this problem. Over the last four months I've really enjoyed having sex without orgasm, but perhaps I shouldn't panic too soon. Firstly as I believe I mentioned before, apart from one time, every time I've been allowed penetration Mistress has gone on top, and the one time I was on top, was definitely slower and gentler, but nothing like last week's 60 second edge!
Secondly, the Oxballs cocksling felt unusually tight and this didn't help matters, I think next time I will try the old cock ring I used to use as it is not as intense.
There are two more things I am wondering about...
Firstly, is chastity cumulative? What I mean is if I go three weeks and then am allowed to cum once, how 'empty' am I, how far back do I fall? How long does it take to reach the same level of need, does it take another three weeks?
Okay I'm not explaining this very well.
Say I was in chastity for two weeks, then I was allowed to cum, then I had a break of two days where I came to my hearts content, and then I was back in chastity. Is it not reasonable to think that it would take longer to get back to the high level of need than if I was allowed to cum once and then was straight back into chastity?
Given that, and that I've been in chastity for over four months now, without a break, is the cumulative effect of that the result I experienced the other day?
Another thing, I'm wondering if my new healthier lifestyle is contributing to the problem. It's well known that people who are overweight have a lower libido, so given that I've lost a fair amount of weight over the last few weeks, could it be that my libido is increasing and so where before I was able to cope with being on top because my libido was lower, now I can't? I know that the idea is you get fitter and your stamina increases, but it wasn't long enough for my 'stamina' to come into it! I don't know, maybe this was a one off problem... I won't really know until we try it again.
Thanks to Harry for his comment, it's nice to know that others have experienced this too.
I don't really know what to think about this now... it could be that simply having Mistress R on top will solve the problem, I certainly hope so, because having sex without cumming is wonderful and even though Mistress R decides how long it lasts, I would much rather she jumped off after a minute and left me begging for more, than I had to stop because I was getting too close.
I am also a bit fidgety about this because it bothers me that Mistress R wanted me to put my cock in her and she got like a minute before I had to either stop or cum. That, to me, is a negative effect on her, when the major part of this for me was that I wanted to make sex better for her!
Hmm, I don't know. I guess if Mistress really wanted me inside her then she could allow me to cum and then a few hours later I should be able to penetrate her without a problem. But it's hardly spontaneous is it..
Right now this is looking like something which might change my mind about wanting this, I guess Mistress R and I will have to discuss this... and I guess it really comes down to how important penetration is to her, which is something I still don't really know.

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