Thursday, August 11, 2011

Moon Over My Honey

For those that don't already know, this past spring, Mark and I exchanged rings  (see "With This Ring...) and made some personal vows to one another. Due to schedules and some health concerns, we've pushed out our honeymoon until now.  Finally, though, our day has drawn near, and tomorrow we are off to Tahiti, mainly Bora Bora, but, will visit some of the smaller islands, as well.  In the short few months we've been "married", we've certainly had some unforeseen hiccups in our relationship, but in the 7 plus years I've known him, he's been my first boy, first ex, best friend, mentor, fuck buddy, boyfriend and now, simply mine, and MINE FOREVER! 

Ol' Green Eyes, with his sparkling, laughing eyes and sweet, bubbled butt, can kiss my ass early and often!!

Anyway, in not being sure exactly how to leave things until I return, I bounced a few ideas around my noggin, until finally landing on the thought of creating a list of links to some of my past favorite posts.For those of you that enjoy my writing, this will give you a chance to easily read some of my past stuff and for those just in it for the visuals, each post has it's very own variety pack of hot pics of dudes all sexed up just for you.

If you're not finding one of your personal faves, or want to read more, of course, you can just scroll through the archives, and tap into anything that looks interesting or funny.  

Well, here goes, RAFA'S LIST OF FAVES (oldest to newest):

Sorry, not much of an editor...

For those of you that believe, Seen IT, Done IT, NO FUCKING THANKS, there are billions of great blogs out there.  Here's a short list of some of my faves...

Corey Jo (I know, I know...a girl), certainly knows how to roast some nuts and get the penis popping.
Flip Flops Boy, with his two blogs, Flops Boy Reborn & Poses Reborn, has an incredible flair for headlining a great assortment of pics.
Some newer friends are Deep Blue (not xxx, but hilarious), Queer Heaven, Sex At Noon Taxes, and although I here he is closing down shop, Homo Eroticus has some incredible poetry that you should go back and read.

My the eye of a man's apple forever wink in your favor... 

Hasta La Vista EVERYBODY!!!

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