Sunday, August 14, 2011

New poll...

So I've put a new poll up, a very simple poll, but one that I think will be quite interesting. I always assume that people who visit my site will be the upper side of thirty, as conventional wisdom suggests that kinky people are generally older, since they have become comfortable with themselves and branched out into what they want instead of what they think they should want, you know the schtick. Anyway, so I thought we'd test this theory and see how old you lot are.

The last polls were interesting, showing that piercing is actually less prevalent than I expected. 60% of both the men and women who voted had no 'sexual' piercings whatsoever, which maybe adds weight to my theory that my site is visited by slightly older people who missed the whole 'piercing' boom. Although Harry Haversackers obviously goes against the grain...

Voting is in the usual place!

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