Monday, August 8, 2011

Poll is over...

Well, I'm not to fussed about that poll, and it's nearly finished so I've cut it a little short, the results were as follows:

Confronted with a big hard throbbing cock, 41% of the women who voted would choose to suck it, and 59% to fuck it.
Placed before that lovely wet pussy that I posted, 87% of the guys would choose to lick it, and just 13% wanted to fuck it.

Anyhoo, so here's my new poll idea... Ladies and Gents, do you have sexy piercings? If so where? This poll was Mistress R's idea and she doesn't want to know about ears, noses or belly button's, just pussies, cocks, balls and tongues...
Neither Mistress R or I have any of these by the way.
Voting takes place in the usual place, under the Keyheld banner.

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