Sunday, August 14, 2011

Review - Brazilian Heaven

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After a brief glance at a sexual position book lying on a coffee table it doesn’t take long before Nestor Silveira and Luis Suares are stripping off their clothes and deep throating each other’s throbbing cocks! There’s even a little foot fetish before their raging hardons are revealed!

Lots of generous cock sucking and ball licking before the two decide to try out some of the positions in the book which begins with Luis taking Nestor’s big cock for a ride back to front. It gets even hotter when the two move to the floor and they fuck on their sides.

Great shots of Nestor’s thick cock sliding in and out with quick jabs to his tight hole! More nice shots from underneath as Nestor’s balls slap against Luis’s ass as the two fuck doggy style.

The scene ends with Nestor shooting a pretty nice load across Luis’s chest and up onto his chin just before he spews all over his abs leaving him covered in sweet, juicy jizz!

Set in the same living space a really sexy Ramon Lima and Affonso Lugo are hanging out in their tighty whities admiring each other as they caress and rub their bulges.

The dark haired, lighter skinned Ramon looks really hot and I could just imagine myself being fucked by this stud! Affonso’s not a bad piece of ass himself with some killer biceps and a dick to die for! Ramon eventually wraps his lips around the big member as Affonso caresses his hairy ass.

Well this hairy hole gets filled to the max and Ramon takes every inch with ease as he bends over an ottoman.

The two try a few positions from “the book” but what looked really hot too me was when Ramon was lying face down on the floor and Affonso was lying on top of him, their two bodies as one as he continued to fuck him!

The scene was a bit subdued but that was ok and it was fun watching them end with a mutual jack off. I think I need to find a copy of that book!

A skinny Pascoal Coelho and darker skinned Alberto Fuentes are tonguing each other like there’s no tomorrow as the bulges beneath their briefs grow and grow.

They remove their briefs and as they continue to make out they stroke one another which then leads to Pascoal giving Alberto some nice head. These two didn’t turn me on as much as the other’s but they both seemed pretty into one another.

As Pascoal continues his deep throating Alberto lubes up Pascoal’s ass with spit and gets him primed for what’s about to come. A brief flashback of Nestor and Luis sleeping and a shot of the now infamous book before Pascoal takes Alberto’s cock in more ways then one! Alberto has a great ass that I could watch for hours as he fucked Pascoal from behind!

Alberto pulls out just in time to shoot his load all over Pascoal’s ass and squeezes out every last drop before Pascoal sits back and finishes himself off on the sofa. He actually delivers the best load thus far!

The action continues in much the same fashion this time with Juan Acosta and Martino Paiva making out on the couch. They seemed pretty passionate as they kissed and I began feeling a boner myself as I watched the two. With their lips still locked Martino grabs Juan and it appears he’s got one helluva cock beneath his briefs! And that he does!

Martino seems to think so too as he plays with it before going down on the big slab of meat! He delivers a nice slow suck and teases the shit out of it as he licks the curved shaft up and down.

Martino straddles the couch and takes it from behind as Juan drives it in deeper and deeper.

The two fuck in a few positions but it’s when they’re fucking missionary that Juan gets some good thrusting going. He pulls out and jerks himself off and shoots an incredible load all over the baby faced Martino. I take what I said about big loads before back!

Martino continues to tug on himself and busts a nut leaving him drenched in a nice cum bath!

Talk about big cocks! Marcelo Sousa probably has one of the best in the biz! Big, thick, and pointing straight up it’s fucking incredible!

He’s paired with a young Julian Real and I would have preferred someone more in the same league it was fun seeing this twink down the monster cock!

Julian stops sucking and there’s some brief cock play, and Marcelo even nibbles Julians nipple a bit before Marcelo moves in for the kill. Julian starts things off by riding him and takes that huge cock with ease as he crams every last inch deep inside him.

That sweet boy hole gets split apart some more as Marcelo holds his legs in the air and pounds away!

Lots of great penetration shots from underneath and even better shots as it ends with Julian riding him some more!

With Julian on his back Marcelo sprays high onto his chest and Julian squirts into the air before focusing on the book and a shot of our first two performers.

To be honest upon initial viewing this didn't thrill me too much. I thought after a while it got a bit tedious with the same scene structure and set but upon a second viewing I think I enjoyed it a bit more than I thought. There are some pretty hot men in this, think Ramon and Marcelo, and plenty of big, huge cocks! Some of the cum shots are pretty decent as well. If you like Brazilian men I'm sure you'll enjoy this!

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