Monday, August 8, 2011

Review - Rio Gay Pride

Who knew Rio’s gay pride was this much fun! I’ll be on a plane next year that’s for sure! For more pics and information visit

In between segments we get a brief glimpse of Rio’s gay pride and it looks pretty much like any other big cities pride fest, colorful characters, floats, and lot’s of hot men!

An adorable Renato Morales and his equally fit buddy Caspar Loronha are watching the festivities from their hotel window wearing nothing but some cute briefs. The two begin to fondle one another and they two of them have some remarkable bulges underneath! I couldn’t wait! Well, it doesn’t take long before the briefs are off and the boys unleash their huge fucking cocks!

Caspar almost immediately goes down on Renato and devours his massive member. He enjoys some nice deep sucking before the two enjoy a bit of cock play then it’s Renato’s turn.

Renato shos some nice skills himself not only on Caspar’s cock but his butt hole as well!

These guys are really hot and their cocks stay rock hard the entire time! After some brief rimming Renato nibbles away at Caspar before slowly ramming his cock deep inside him from behind. Renato pounds away as Caspar continues to stroke himself and does a nice job of pounding that fleshy, hot ass!

Lots of nice shots from underneath too! A flip-flop fuck ensues which was a nice surprise!

It’s another nice fuck from behind before the two watch each other jack off onto a chair, both shooting some really nice loads!

Afonso Oliviera and Manoel Leitao have had enough of the festivities and are back at their hotel room. Before the door’s even shut the two begin making out and Afonso takes a liking to Manoel’s body. And what a body it is!

This young stud is ripped and has a nice tattoo covering his arm and onto his chest, he’s really hot! Afonso on the other hand is lighter skinned and cute. The two slowly undress and reveal a set of raging hardons.

Boy, would I love to be a sandwhiched between them! Manoel drops to his knees and delivers a nice, slow suck then bends over a table to offer up his tight ass to his fuck buddy.

Afonso shoves every inch up to his balls deep inside Manoel who takes the big prick with ease! It’s a nice fuck from behind that gets Manoel shooting across the tabletop in no time!

Afonso delivers a couple more thrusts until he pulls out and finishes himself off on the table as well. The scene was enjoyable but I really wish it had lasted a bit longer as Manoel was perfect eye candy!

Tattooed twinks Dionisio Martins and Chico Gomez move from the window viewing to gaze upon each other in bed. Some nice foreplay ensues before Chico heads south to slowly suck on Dionisio’s cock and balls.

He laps away at the low hanging set getting Dionisio nice and horny as well as himself. I love a nice tattoo and have to say Chico has a beauty that goes down his thigh and across his front, it’s sexy as hell!

Dionisio returns the favor before the two 69. Chico really has a way about him as he rims Dionisio and gently kisses his ass as the get more turned on. Lots of kissing, sucking, fondling and so forth before Chico begs to be fucked and Dionisio delivers!

Chico face down on the bed gets a nice, deep fuck before Dionisio continues missionary. Chico then fucks Dionisio with quick intense jabs as Dionisio sits on top of him face to face.

Chico pulls out just in time to shoot all over Diosinio’s ass cheeks then he stands up and cums on Chico’s chest. The money shots were a bit lacking but it was a nice natural fuck and the two really seemed to enjoy it!

A bit older looking Horacio Cruz and Jaime Rosa are enjoying one another’s company as Jaime lies across Horacio’s lap. After a brief chat the two begin making out. Jaime is adorable and has a nice thick tool between his legs that Horacio begins to tug on. If you thought Manoel had a nice body wait till you see Horacio’s!

This stud is smokin’ with a nice cute, tight ass! Jaime seems to think so too as he caresses him up and down while playing with himself.

Jaime does a fantastic job at deep throating his partner meanwhile still rubbing the studs muscular chest. Horacio wraps his lips around his buddy before getting a nice rimming.

This all leads up to Jaime slowly sliding his cock deep inside Horacio, and I mean deep! Horacio’s an impressive bottom that’s for sure as the two fuck in a number of positions.

With his legs in the air and a cock ramming his tight hole Horacio jerks off onto his belly with Jaime doing the same.

What a way to end a good pride weekend then with a hot threeway! After a brief chat Marcelo Sousa and Josue Oliviera begin making out on a sofa as Jose Silva watches them with delight.

Well he joins in the fun and the three begin kissing and fondling one another as one by one their clothes come off.

Marcelo has a horse hung cock and you just know someone’s going to get the fuck of their lifetime!

Marcelo and Josue continue to make out as Jose drops to his knees to service his friends. As he goes down on Josue Marcelo rams his mighty slab deep inside him. With a few moans and groans Jose finally gets it all in and Marcelo begins pounding away.

If you haven’t shot your load by now this would be the time! Marcelo eventually lets Josue take a shot at that tight hole as he watches on.

This kids not going to be able to walk for a week! These three guys are the most energetic of the bunch especially Josue who pounds away hard and fast! It’s also got the best cum shots with Jose leaving a big splat to his chest as Josue continues to ram him!

He pulls out then Marcelo comes over and the two leave Jose drenched in sweet, creamy jizz!

It ends with some nice closeups of their cum dripping big cocks! Very hot!

I have to say I really enjoyed this! Almost all the models were extremely hot, had some great looking dicks, and knew how to put them to good use! Some of the performances could have used a little more "spark" between the two but for the most part they weren't too bad. There was some erroneous background noise here and there but it certainly didn't deter that much from the action. Nice camera shots throughout and tons of trailers rounded out the dvd.

View the trailer!

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