Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I was reading on Queer Heaven's blog earlier today, and saw that he was doing a post to acquaint himself to some of his newer readers.  I liked the idea so much, that I have decided to do the same.  Here’s what I’ve come up with so far…

Cut or uncut, doesn't matter, I love the diversity of cock.  I'm not a size king, but I do love a challenge...and more than a mouthful is fighting words in my house.

I love rough housing with Mark and just about anything that pushes my limits, physically or mentally or, perhaps best of all, both.  (I love no longer having to listen to my Mom tell me the living room is NOT a gymnasium).

I love men in unders, but especially jocks.  They have an unbelievable ability to show off a cock, lift and protect a pair of balls and frame a perfectly apple'd ass to its absolute most roundness.

I'm not much for liver and onions(that’s for QH)...more of a sausage and eggs kinda guy, but I can sit down with a good bottle of wine and a plate of pasta with spicy red sauce and shoot the shit for days on end.

Charles Bukowski is my all time favorite writer, and would give an inch off my cock to have had the opportunity to hear him do a poetry reading.  (no worries, guys, I got plenty to spare)

I probably imagine myself as a top, consider myself versatile, and would NEVER let a man fuck me if, for that split second before he finally takes me as his, I don't writhe and moan like the bottom bitch I know I was born to be.

I love when Mark bites at my eraser’d nubbins that sit atop my pecs as he fucks the living shit outta me.

ANYTHING naked...soft dick bouncing/hard cock throbbing...solo/company...IT’S ALL GOOD!

I'd love to hear a tidbit or two, so let me know...


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