Sunday, August 7, 2011

Still buzzing...

Still thinking about yesterday, I can't believe how quickly I got to the edge... it was an amazing feeling being inside Mistress R and teetering on the edge like that, trying to fuck her so slow so that I wouldn't cum without permission was so hard, but so hot! I just wish it could have lasted longer. I just don't understand it, I'm sure last time I was much further into chastity and managed to hold off much better.
I really thought Mistress R would have told me to cum once I told her I was close, but she didn't and I'm so proud of her for that (she told me afterwards that she thought about it and then decided against it, which is even hotter!). It's one thing for her to be stroking me and then decide 'that's enough', but to have me inside her, ready to blow, teetering on the edge and still tell me to stop, that's quite something I think.
After all that, last night we went to a massive Fireworks display last night, which was fantastic, and then we came home and watched 'Tough Love' on the new 'Really' channel. Mistress R and I love that kind of crap, Rock of Love, Tila's Shot at Love, Charm School... and 'Tough Love' is another winner!
So around midnight we decided to go to bed, and I got into bed and started thinking about earlier and by the time Mistress R came to bed my cock was like an iron bar, much harder than it was earlier (without the flipping cocksling, how typical is that!) and when Mistress R got into bed I cuddled her and felt my cock nuzzling against her gorgeous ass (don't get excited, that's never gonna happen!) and I was seriously, seriously thinking about using my first chance to touch my cock. But Mistress R was obviously really tired and I didn't want to appear either selfish or ungrateful for earlier, so I turned over and let her go to sleep*.
Thankfully I went to sleep pretty quickly too, although not before I very naughtily gave my cock a very hard squeeze to take away some of the ache... I guess I need to chalk another one up on the old transgression counter then.

*For those of you reading this who are yet to persuade their wives/girlfriends to take control of their cock, this is the kind of thing that they should be hearing about, this is what male chastity really does for you, makes you a 'better' man... and makes you think about your partner more than yourself. Even though I was literally throbbing-hard, and really quite desperate for her to stroke me or for her to allow me to stroke myself, I was more conscious of the fact that she was tired and trying to get to sleep.

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