Monday, August 8, 2011


The lovely and talented Holly has been going through a really tough time lately and she and I haven't been able to see each other much in person.  Oh, and we're supposed to be on a "break" whatever that means :)  She took some vacation time the other week with her family but I don't know that she got to enjoy it as much as she could have given all that's going on in her marriage.  She's back home now, but it's not easy for us to talk on the weekends anyway as neither of us gets much privacy.  She sent me an email last night letting me know that her work schedule for today had changed and that she would have about an hour between meetings this morning if I wanted to talk by phone and catch up.  She also hinted that I could even come over and see her if I wanted.

Well, Holly works about an hour from me and so "popping over" for a quick visit isn't always feasible.  But, I know she always tells me how much it helps her to be able to talk to me and especially to be able to see me in person, so I wanted to do all I could to get free and pay her a visit in person.  I had something that I had to take care of early in the morning, but cleared enough time in my schedule to be able to go see her.  I decided not to tell her that I was coming and when I replied to her email last night, I really wasn't 100% sure I could make it anyway, so I just said that I'd let her know something for sure this morning.  So, this morning, I emailed her and told her that I didn't think I'd be able to make it but that I definitely wanted to talk to her as soon as she got free.

I ended up getting a little bit of a late start, but drove like a maniac and actually got to her office building right about the time she was supposed to call me.  When my phone rang, I was in the restroom just down the hall from her.  Holly sounded really quiet and down and definitely wasn't very chatty.  I was trying to just make small-talk for a few minutes before I was going to let her know exactly where I was.

"So, how's your morning going?" I aksed.

"Not so great", she replied after a long pause

"Well, maybe it'll get better."

"Hmm..I don't think so, I've got a pretty packed schedule today."

"Ok, but I bet it'll get better - you might surprised", I teased.

My heart was beating really fast and I was trying not to sound too excited because I didn't want to give myself away just yet.  I had to flush so I asked her to hold on a sec, but apparently, I somehow hung up on the call.  So, before she could call me back, I went up to her office door and knocked.  She opened it in a hurry and had a big smile on her face when she saw me.  Holly is very perceptive and I think she'd figured out that something was afoot.

In any case, as soon as her office door was closed (and locked) behind me, she threw her arms around me a gave me a big kiss.  In between kisses, I mumbled something about her surprise and she assured me that she was really happy that I'd come over to see her.  After that, it was kind of a blur.  I honestly was pretty tired from the weekend and wasn't really sure what kind of mood she'd be in.  I half expected us to just sit quietly and talk, but it soon became apparent that both of us really needed to fuck.  Holly and I sat on her office couch and soon she was straddling me and kissing me feverishly as my hands roamed under her dress.  I asked her if she needed to be fucked and she just sort of moaned affirmatively into my mouth.

I squeezed her ass and held her tight as we continued to make out.  Pretty soon, she was unbuttoning my jeans and reaching from my aching cock.  She pulled it out and ground her crotch on it for a few minutes until I unzipped her dress and pulled down her top.  I wasted no time in unhooking her bra and freeing her nice tits so I could squeeze and lick and suck and bite at them.  Her pretty pink nipples we already hard and looked like sweet little berries that I just had to nibble on.  I ran my right hand down over her ass and slipped a finger insider her panties.  She was already soaking wet!

Holly stood up and shimmied out of her dress and then quickly dropped her panties to the floor while I ripped off my t-shirt and jeans.  She told me to move over to a nearby chair and I knew what was coming.  I plopped down with my hard dick pointing toward the sky as Holly dropped to her knees and immediately engulfed me in her warm, waiting mouth.  I hadn't cum in days and so it felt extra good to have her expert tongue working the head of my cock.  I put my hands in her hair and caressed it gently while she bobbed up and down on my throbbing rod. 

The blowjob felt amazing but I knew what both of us really wanted so before long, Holly stood up and straddled me as I remained seated in the chair.  She guided my thick shaft to her dripping hole and eased herself down onto my rock hard cock.  She began rocking her hips and grinding on me as I played with her ass and talked dirty to her.  She'd just come back from a trip to the coast and at one point, I told her how I wished that I'd been down there with her.  I told her how I would have liked to have met up with her on one of her morning runs on the beach.

I kissed her hard and said, "If I'd have been there with you, I would have pulled you behind a sand dune, bent you over, pulled down your running shorts down around your ankles and fucked the hell out of you from behind!"  She moaned and kissed me deeply.  "I would have just grabbed your hips and fucked that hot cunt until I blew a hot load deep inside you.  Then, I 'd have pulled up your shorts and sent you on your way, my cum dripping out of your pussy all the way on your run back home".

That really seemed to get Holly going.  The pace of her grinding picked up and she was breathing heavily.  I began sucking and biting her tits as she rode me.  Then, when I grabbed a handful of her hair and hissed into her mouth, "Cum all over that fucking cock, baby!", she did! 

Holly continued to ride me for a few more minutes and I know that she really loves being on top, but I really wanted to take charge. I told her that I wanted to get behind her so she stood up to get off me.  But she stopped mid-move and leaned down to suck the pulsing head of my cock for a minute first.  I moaned and told her to clean that dick up!  After a minute or so of this impromptu oral exam, Holly stood up and assumed the position up against her office wall that I know she likes.  She didn't say a word - just bent over, braced her hands on the wall and stuck out her ass for me.  She looked so fucking sexy too - a patina of sweat glistening on her skin, standing there in only a pair of sexy black heels.  Mmmm....

Wait, where was I?  Oh yeah, about to take Holly from behind!  I positioned myself behind her and guided my hardness back into her wetness.  A lot of the time, I like to go for a good long while but today was about straight up fucking so I didn't waste any time; immediately, I grabbed her hips and began pounding her with long, deep, powerful strokes.  I knew it wouldn't take long for me to cum that way.  Unfortunately though, at one point, I pulled out too far and missed my target on re-entry.  The head of my dick smacked into some part of her that wasn't an orifice and it really stung!  It kind of put me off my rhythm for a minute, but soon most of the sensation came back and I was blasting away at her swollen, sopping box again.  I felt like I might need a little bit of help though so I pulled out and jerked the shaft with my hand for a moment. I held it just over Holly's ass and I was grazing her skin with each pump of my hand.  She didn't move but instead, waited for me.  Good girl!

When I knew I was getting close, I rammed it back inside her and after a few more deep, ball-slapping strokes, I exploded in her hot, wet little pussy.  I stayed inside her until every bit of my juice had been pumped from my cock.  Eventually, I did slip out though and handed Holly a tissue to clean herself up.  I slipped my jeans back on and she put on her bra and panties and we both plopped down on the couch for a much-needed rest and some soft, sexy kisses.

Her next meeting was coming up soon but we really made the most of our time together today.  I sensed that she didn't really want to talk about the heavy stuff going on at home so I instead got her to tell me more about her vacation and about some of the stories from her trip.  She thanked me several times for her surprise and I knew it had really meant a lot to her.

I feel so helpless to really DO anything for Holly these days so it was nice to make her smile - even if it was just for a little while.  I hope maybe that smile lingered on her face at least for the rest of the day...

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