Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Read a very interesting thing about the effects of testosterone during chastity this morning (some of you may have read it as it was briefly posted here earlier and then removed).
According to what I read, and part of it was written after some degree of consultation with a doctor, during the first month of male chastity, testosterone levels increase because the absence of orgasm means that they are not naturally depleted. After about a month, the body starts to scale back production and also starts to break down the existing testosterone to keep the level reasonable (although still somewhat higher than normal).
According to this then, us men are actually literally getting a natural 'high' and that's why we love doing this so much!
The author then went on to say that since she and her husband have been practicing male chastity, she's noticed that both her and her husband are losing weight, have more energy and are getting things done better.
She also claims that when women orgasm it stimulates production of testosterone in women also, and this leads to increased desire for more orgasms.
Since 'testosterone' is a hormone which promotes 'getting things done (hunt, sex, work, etc) it's easy to see why male chastity can produce positive benefits for both partners, and that anything which helps increase the level of testosterone production in the male (and the female) is a good thing.

Perhaps this is why my diet is working this time then?

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