Saturday, August 6, 2011

Who's a lucky boy then...

Oh my God. I've just crawled out of bed after an afternoon recess with Mistress R. First of all I worshipped her beautiful, freshly pedicured feet, then kissed my way up her legs and then began to gently worship her pussy. It felt like forever since I had tasted her (it was Monday...) and I wanted it so much. I used my fingers and my tongue to bring her off and at that moment I finally felt all the stress of the last week dissipate, it was so, so good to feel her bucking under me like that.
Once she'd finished she told me to put the Oxballs Cocksling on, which I wasn't expecting, since that usually means she's going to let me inside her. Well, that's exactly what it meant, and not only that she wanted me to go on top! Oddly, the cocksling didn't feel quite right, almost like it was twisted slightly and it felt like it was only letting a certain amount of blood into my cock, it felt like there was a back-up around the base, but it was hard enough even if it wasn't quite as hard as I would have liked.
I slid my cock inside Mistress R and began kissing her feet as I slowly eased my cock deeper inside, each thrust a little deeper than the last, it felt like the cocksling had sorted itself out after all, but now I had a new problem to contend with, I was getting close to cumming! I couldn't believe how soon it came up, because last time we did this with me on top I found it a lot easier to keep away from the edge...
Frustratingly, Mistress R seemed to be getting into it and all I could think was, oh shit, I am gonna cum, so I had to slow right down and tell her that I was getting close... that was hard enough, the temptation to fuck her hard and shoot my load in her was unbelievably hard to resist, but there was no way I was going to do that. I doubt that Mistress R would have been 'upset' as such, but I wanted her to control my orgasms and she doesn't want me to be allowed to ask to cum, so at that point my only option was to tell her that I was getting too close. Actually I really thought that when I told her that, she would just say fuck me, cum in me then, but she didn't!
I waited a few seconds, feeling my cock pulsing inside her hot, wet cunt and then slowly started gently fucking her again, but all too soon I could feel myself right on the edge again, desperately not wanting to have to stop, wanting to saviour every last rare second of being inside her wonderful pussy. And so I rode it, all the time conscious that I could so easily slip over the edge and cum without permission... until finally she pushed me back and told me to stop.
My cock was rock hard then and took an age to go down, gripped tightly as it was by the cocksling. It took quite a while for my breathing to return to normal too, and Mistress R and I laid there for a while before I took the cocksling off. I told Mistress R that I couldn't begin to tell her how amazing that was for me, and I'm sure she can't really understand it, but I know you guys can. It was sooo hot, and sooo amazing....
After we had finished and we were laying there, Mistress R asked me how long it had been since I had cum, I told her it was a week, which I assumed she knew since she had allowed me to cum after the 'wonderful' family party last Saturday night.
She said, "Oh, not that long at all then."
I loved that she said that, and told her so. I think she slightly misunderstood what I meant since she said, "Well, that's what you tell me, isn't it three weeks before it really starts to do anything."
Well, for me it's about a week before it starts to bite and then it settles down and then it's about three weeks before it really starts to kick in. But my point really was that to hear her say that was so nice, like a week was nothing at all for me to wait. Oooh, yes.
Mistress R decided it was time to get up, but graciously allowed me to kiss her pussy one more time, I can literally never get enough of her taste, ever, so I try to get as much as I can whenever I can! And here I am, typing this for you, with the taste of her still in my mouth and my balls still nice and full. And I feel GREAT!

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