Thursday, August 11, 2011


This evening has been wonderful. Mistress R and I spent the evening in a local pub, which was really nice, just being alone with her. But on top of that she decided to wear her new shoes (the ones I bought her a couple of weeks ago). They looked super-sexy on her and before we went out she sat on the bed and had me kneel down on the floor and put them on for her. I really loved doing that, and taking them off later... she looked absolutely amazing at the end of the night, standing in just her knickers and those awesome shoes... OMFG!
Once her shoes were safely back in the box we went downstairs and Mistress R allowed me to worship her gorgeous feet for a little while. I loved doing that so much, she really does have the most kissable feet and suck-able toes.
This was just what I needed tonight. My other post is obviously still playing on my mind and I am feeling a bit weird to tell you the truth. I feel like by the end of the night I was tripping, in subspace, without having done anything really... but I feel, so... I feel completely lovesick to tell you the truth. I could hardly bring myself to stop kissing her legs and go to bed.
You know what, I feel like that time I've mentioned before in one of our femdom sessions, when she had me sucking her strap-on and I just felt submission wash over me and I felt like I would do absolutely anything for her, literally anything she wanted me to do. I've rarely felt like that before or since, and certainly not in what is really a pretty vanilla environment.
I love feeling like this, but at the same time it makes me feel very vulnerable, it's kind of scary... all I can think about is how gorgeous she looked tonight, and how silky smooth her gorgeous legs are. I just want to keep kissing them all night, and I feel an absolute need to taste her pussy and make her cum again.
Seriously... I feel like bursting into tears right now. I feel so overwhelmed by how I'm feeling. I genuinely adore my Mistress, all I want to do is give her pleasure.
Sometimes this is so wonderful and so hard, all at the same time.

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